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Missions of Grace Housing, Inc.

Currently, primary funding from Grace Housing Inc. (GHI) is directed to the following organizations identified through a Legacy Plan adopted by Grace Lutheran Church membership. As additional funding is realized, GHI will be able to fund additional community services directed to basic needs of families and individuals.

Grace Food Pantry


In 1976, Grace Lutheran Church created a food distribution system with donations collected from the congregation, local grocery stores and the gleaning of friends' fruit and vegetable gardens. Today, Grace Housing, Inc. continues to provide volunteers and financial support, and in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Food Bank, First Baptist, Trinity and Christ Lutheran Churches, now serves an average of 70-90 families and individuals weekly with food commodities and fresh produce.

Transition House


In 1982, Grace Lutheran Church came together with other local congregations to provide food and temporary shelter to women and children, and to coordinate with local social services for case work and medical care. Eventually, Transition House was born, and in 1986 a dedicated shelter was created. Grace Housing, Inc. financially supports Transition House, which provides innovative and proven solutions to the cycle of poverty-based family homelessness. Each year, Transition House helps 150 homeless families with children and 50 families that are at-risk for homelessness to acquire the tools necessary for self-sufficiency.

Habitat for Humanity

Beginning in 2006, Grace Lutheran Church identified the work of Habitat for Humanity as a key service area of the congregation. Through donations and participation of the congregation, Grace Lutheran provided support in the building of two homes in our community, and the Grace Lutheran Quilters provided lunches for the workers on site. The work of Habitat will continue to be supported through Legacy funding admisistered by Grace Housing, Inc.

Grace Village Services

Once Grace Village, an affordable senior housing development, is built, Grace Housing, Inc. will establish a dedicated fund that will provide support services needed by its residents.

Missions of Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

Grace Lutheran has had a long history of funding the missions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). As part of its Legacy Plan, Grace Housing, Inc., will continue to designate funds to ELCA missons with a priority on local serivce.

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